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10th Financial conference of the panem AG

On Tuesday, 7th November 2017, our tenth financial conference took place at the "Haus am Dom" in Frankfurt/ Main. After a brief introductory speech by our CEO Hans-Christian Fröhlich, Prof. Dr. Rank started our event with the recent HR-topic: "Generation X & Y - labor values and leadership motivation in comparison". As a part of her lecture, Prof. Dr. Rank presented current results of a research study, which she conducted also with the support of the panem AG.

Following their presentation, a vivid discussion developed in which many attendees gave interesting insights into their working environment and contributed their own experiences. As a result the audience agreed that there are less fundamental differences between the generations, rather then a general change in society values.

After a coffee break, the event was continued with the annual review "10 years of financial conferences of the panem AG", held by Mr. Fröhlich. The review focused on important events that have confronted the financial world since our first conference. Afterwards Dr. Wilfried Hauck gave a presentation on "Cyber Security: Facts - Regulations - Solutions". Dr. Hauck gave a very interesting insight into current challenges of IT security. He was supported by Henry de Jong of the company Quantoz, who explained in this context, the theme "Blockchain". In his opinion, the use of blockchain technology can make an important contribution to IT security.

In line with the first presentation, interesting discussions developed, in which the new European data protection directives were discussed intensively among others.  

We would like to thank our contributing speakers, guests and the associates of the "Haus am Dom" and look forward to our 11th Financial conference!