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„FinTech-startups are the Thermomix of the finance sector.”

This is how the 8th finance speech started last Thursday. The speech was arranged by panem AG together with KWF Business Consultants. More than 60 guests from the economy, politics and finance sector attended in the Masonic Lodge in Frankfurt.

Felix Scheffka, senior consultant at Endava and specialist of Frankfurt’s FinTech-scene, presented the newest developments of FinTechs in Germany in the asset management sector. All representatives of the different sectors agreed with the answer of the central question of the speech “FinTechs – vagaries of nature or necessary evolution?”: FinTechs are a necessary evolution and will enrich the finance sector. This result is what the following round of discussions showed again while talking about competition and possibilities of traditionally banks working together with FinTech-startups.

At this point we would like to thank Endava GmbH for the speech and our event partners KWF, the Masonic Lodge and the many participants which made the event a great success.

We are looking forward to the 9th finance speech!