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Next round for „Start up your business“!

The startup-network Mainz arranged the event “Start up your business” for the first time. The event took place in the Quartier M1 on Thursday September 24th, 2015. Experts from different branches reported about startups, to support and inform young founders of the startup scene. As a member of the startup network, panem AG was present with several representatives. Our experts helped with any questions regarding to personnel search.

After a short introduction by Tilmann Au, chairman of the startup network, Matthias Memmesheimer told about his first experiences with his startup „Sapite GmbH“. He is the winner of last year’s Funke-competition (startup slam in Mainz) and described his first year as a founder as a time with many ups and downs. At this point he praised all the members of the startup network who supported him in the beginning of the foundation.

Our CEO Hans-Christian Fröhlich continued with a speech about “How does a founder-profile look like?”. In his speech he informed about qualities young founders need for success. Thereby, willingness for risk, optimism and a high frustration limit have a high priority. Failure, a topic no one wants to talk about in Germany, was an important topic of the speech.

The speech of Oliver Schopp fitted well to this topics. He talked about his own experiences as a founder and showed the dark sides of founding in his speech “ScrewUp your Business”.

Overall, the event was a great success with a lot of informative and interesting speeches by young founders.

We are looking forward to the next round of Start up your business!